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Hello, first-year students!

As a campus, we are dedicated to your academic success and well-being. There are so many resources at Cal Poly. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you might have.


First Year, First Quarter, To Do List

Quotes from Students

“Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, but the Mustang Success Center made it so easy and the advisors were so helpful.”
“Thank you MSC for clarifying PolyPlanner for me. It seemed so difficult and you made it easy for me to understand.”
“It was so convenient for me to just walk in and see an advisor. They answered all my questions.”
“I had the last rotation to sign up for classes and could not get units. I went to the Mustang Success Center and they were able to help me find 16 units that counted toward my degree.”
“Thank you MSC for getting me back on track after a difficult quarter.”
“Thanks for the Change of Major workshop. It was very helpful.”


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