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PolyPlanner commonly asked questions:

What is PolyPlanner?

PolyPlanner is a required planning tool that enables students to select either their course choices or a message for future terms. These plans provide valuable course demand data to Cal Poly, and departments use the information to determine their future course offerings. PolyPlanner data improves course availability and helps students graduate on time.

PolyPlanner is a tool that gives students the opportunity to tell Cal Poly what courses they plan to take over the next year. Think of it as a “wish list” of future classes.

You must log in each quarter, even if you have no changes to make to your plan (this verifies that the information is correct).

Using PolyPlanner

Please note that there were several PolyPlanner enhancements effective Spring 2016:

  • Add a message if you intend to be away for a term.
  • Determine when courses are typically offered by reviewing the Course Availability information listed in the Course Details box.
  • Select/click the “add course” button to manually add courses (no right-clicking).
  • Select/click the edit button to delete courses (no right-clicking).

How do I get to my PolyPlanner?

Log on to your Cal Poly Portal. Click on PolyPlanner under the Single Click Links.

PolyPlanner portal

How many future quarters do I need to plan?

You need to have your current quarter AND your next two quarters planned

What is the PolyPlanner deadline each quarter?

You must complete the requirements for PolyPlanner by the Add/Drop deadline of each quarter (8th day of instruction). The Student Planning Calendar informs you of the deadline for each quarter.

What happens if I don’t complete PolyPlanner by the deadline?

You will be placed in the last registration appointment category (PolyPlanner Non-Compliant) for the next registration period.

How do I add classes to my PolyPlanner?

  1. Drag a class from the left-hand side (Roadmap) and drop it into the appropriate quarter on the right-hand side (My PolyPlan).
  2. If you cannot find the class you need, or you are not able to drag it, you can add it manually by the “add course” button to manually add courses .

(Note: The Roadmap will not show classes for your minor, second major, or a major you are in the process of changing into. You must add those classes manually.)

How do I delete classes from my PolyPlanner?

  1. Select/click the edit button to delete courses .

What does “Choose a GE Course from the GE Course list below” mean?

  1. Scroll toward the bottom of your Roadmap to “GE Courses Not Included in Major or Support.”
  2. Select required GE courses from the various GE areas. To see a course description, RIGHT CLICK on the course title; then click COURSE DESCRIPTION.

What do the symbols mean?

symbols used in Polyplanner

Do you have more questions?

Planning your classes for the year

Visit your college advising center:


For more on how to use PolyPlanner or other questions

Visit the Mustang Success Center

Watch PolyPlanner Demos

Send an email to:

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