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Mustang Success Center

Building 52, Room D37 (805) 756-6211

StrengthsQuest™ Overview

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Gallup designed the StrengthQuest™ program as a way to identify and build on a student’s top five. Based on the evidence-based science of Positive Psychology, helping students align their lives to their top five strengths builds self-efficacy, engagement and leads to improved retention and graduation rates.

The Mustang Success Center, in conjunction with New Student Programs, is piloting our first annual StrengthsQuest™ program designed to build engagement and student success. As part of this program, all Fall 2014 incoming freshman and transfer students were provided with StrengthsQuest™ codes and training on how to incorporate their top five talents into their personal and school lives. Many of our faculty and staff have been similarly trained and incorporate StrengthsQuest™ best practices into their work with students.

If your group would like to become involved in our StrengthsQuest™ program, please complete the intake form and someone from our department will be in contact with you within three business days to discuss the training. Information about StrengthsQuest™ may be found here. If you have questions about our training program, please email

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