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Mustang Success Center

Building 52, Room D37 (805) 756-6211

Meet the Staff

The Mustang Success Center supports undergraduate students with their transition and integration into Cal Poly. The center’s staff provides accessible academic advising that guides students to clear pathways of success and timely graduation.

Shannon Stephens

Shannon Stephens

Director for the Mustang Success Center

CliftonStrengths: Adaptability. Developer. Arranger. Activator. Futuristic

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Hike the ridgeline above the P on campus.

Gina Salazar

Gina Salazar

Coordinator of Transfer Success Program

CliftonStrengths: Learner. Restorative. Empathy. Consistency. Relator

Favorite activity to do in SLO: I like going to Farmer's Market and listening to great music and eating yummy food!

Louise Torgerson

Louise Torgerson

Coordinator for academic tutoring for Athletes

Advisor for W. Basketball, M/W Cross Country, M/W Track & Field, M. Soccer, Wrestling, Softball.

CliftonStrengths: Responsibility. Learner. Belief. Achiever. Harmony

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Explore shops and restaurants downtown.

Lindsey Lacey

Lindsay Lacey

Coordinator for Change of Major Process and Transfer Students

CliftonStrengths: Empathy. Input. Individualization. Harmony. Learner.

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Buy shoes and eat lunch

Arton Falahati

Arton Falahati

CliftonStrengths: Individualization. Harmony. Arranger. Empathy. Responsibility.

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Go on hikes and explore all the good food around town!

Christina Wolfe-Chandler

Christina Wolfe-Chandler

Faculty Advisor and Academic Advisor Training Programs

CliftonStrengths: Individualization. Relator. Learner. Responsibility. Communication

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Go to the beach.

Kyle Ross

Kyle Ross

Coordinator for Career Development for Athletes

Advisor for Football, M Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, M/W Tennis.

CliftonStrengths: Learner. Achiever. Relator. Arranger. Responsibility

Allie Mundorff

Allie Mundorff

CliftonStrengths: Learner, Intellection, Achiever, Input, Strategic

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Take my dog to Avila beach

Dawin Whiten

Dawin Whiten

Supervisor for CP Scholars Mentor Program

CliftonStrengths: Responsibility. Empathy. Developer. Adaptability. Strategic.

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Swim at CP Rec Center, explore shops and restaurants around town, beach, hike, basketball and long naps.


Mustang Success Center Graduate Student

Angie Walker

Angie Walker

CliftonStrengths: Empathy • Communication • Developer • Positivity • Connectedness

Favorite activity to do in SLO: Go to a local coffee shop and enjoy an iced coffee in the sun.

Student Assistants


Mustang Success Center Student Assistants

  • 805-756-6211
  • 52-D37

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