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Come Visit The Mustang Success Center!

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Mustang Success Center

Front Office | Building 52 Room D37

Monday-Thursday 9 A.M.- 4 P.M.

Friday 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Check us out on Instagram @MustangSuccessCenter and YouTube


Need to talk to an advisor?

Virtual Academic Advising Drop-Ins Mon-Thurs: 9 AM - 5 PM | Fri:10 AM-4 PM

Virtual Academic Advising Drop-Ins are suggested for the following type of questions:

  • Registration support
  • One quarter schedule planning
  • Interpretation of university policy (CR/NC, Grades, Leaves, Withdrawals, etc.)
  • Check-in or follow-up with the same advisor from a recent appointment (within last 2-3 weeks)
  • Referrals to campus resources
  • Questions regarding (transferring courses from community college)
  • Change of major information

Directions on how to join virtual academic advising drop ins

  1. Sign-in to the queue
  2. Click the zoom link shared in the response page of the sign-in form
  3. Wait in the zoom waiting room for an advisor to become available
  4. Once admitted to the zoom room, our front desk supervisor will ask you some basic questions to make sure you get connected to the right person
  5. Be assigned to a breakout room with an advisor

In Person Advising Appointment (20 minutes) 

In-person advising appointments can be used for any of the same reasons as virtual but the time with an advisor is limited to 20-minutes.

Appointments are same-day or next-day; if appointments are fully booked, please use our virtual academic advising drop ins. During busy registration times of the quarter, in person appointments are not offered in efforts to help as many students as we can via virtual drop in appointments.

To Schedule Your Appointment, click on this scheduling link.

Students will receive a confirmation email of your booked appointment. Please bring laptop or other device (if available) to your appointment in building 52 | Room D37

If you have issues scheduling your appointment, you may want to try a different website browser. There have been reports of issues with using Safari. If issues persist or you have questions about our availability, please send us an email at

Email and Phone

You are welcome to email or call our office with questions you have. We do our best to respond to all emails and voicemails within 1 business day.

Email us at

Phone 805-756-6211

Please ensure that your email is sent from your Cal Poly email account. This allows us to verify your student status and check your academic record when appropriate. This also lessens the chance of your email getting lost.

Zoom Tips and Tricks


Other Advising resources

Athletics Academic Advising

Student-Athlete Academic Services, Mott Learning Center, Mott Athletic Center, Room 205.

The Mott Learning Center facility is open until 8:00pm Monday-Thursday, and until 5:00pm on Friday throughout the quarter. Go to Student-Athlete Academic Services

Change of Major

We encourage all students to review our change of major website prior to talking to an advisor. This ensures that you come with a list of questions for us to help you with.

Registration Process

Understanding the registration process can be complex. Here is a review of how the registration process works at Cal Poly

Schedule Builder Tutorials

Schedule builder will help you review class times, check prerequisites, build and save multiple schedules, and register for classes. These tutorial videos will show you how to search for classes, build schedules, add, swap, waitlist, and more.

Taking a class at a California Community College


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