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Become an Academic Coach

Thank you for your interest! We need your help to make a campus-wide program like this possible. The commitment for coaches is as follows:

  • Two hour First Year Success Program (FSP) training, which goes over the FSP Coaches Guide and details the expectations of the breakout sessions. 
  • Two hours during the student FSP Workshop. Coaches are expected to attend the large session and then lead the small breakout session, which totals no more than two hours. 
  • Students will have the option of either meeting with you 1-1 halfway through the quarter, or visiting a campus resource that they feel will better help their situation.

We understand people wear many hats on this campus and are very busy, so we are trying make your experience as a coach the least demanding possible. The intention is to provide a space for faculty and staff to connect with students outside of the classroom and help provide an encouraging environment.

If you are interested or would like to hear more about the program, please email the First Year Success Program coordinators: Kara Hitchcock -

We hope to have you as a part of the FSP team!

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