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Choosing Minors

Step 1: Decide WHY you want to pursue a minor

  • You want to increase your chances of employment in a certain field
  • You want to pursue a passion you have within the minor
  • Adds to your expertise in a specific field
  • Opportunity to explore a new field of interest

Choosing to pursue a minor is not limited to these options above. However, it is important for you to think about the reason to explore a new field of interest.

Reasons not to pursue a minor:

  • “I have to have a minor in order to get a job”
  • “I don't want to leave Cal Poly-so I am going to add a minor”
    • Please note: students are not allowed to complete undergraduate work and then start to pursue a minor. All minor work must be completed before or at the same time of degree.
  • “It sounds easy so I am going to do it”

Step 2: Research the different types of minors Cal Poly offers

The process to declare a minor is customized and can vary depending on the minor. All current minors and their course requirements are listed on the website below. Here you can view all the different requirements for each minor (left column) and additional information such as contact person, paperwork needing to be filed, and/or other criteria (right column).

Minor information from the Catalog and from Department websites

Step 3: Talk to faculty and academic advisors about minor options

A student can read and research information online about a minor, but we strongly encourage students to talk to a faculty member or academic advisor to help clarify questions and learn more about the benefits of earning a minor in a specific field.

If you don’t know who to talk to or where to go to discuss any questions regarding minors, please contact the Visit Mustang Success Center.

Step 4: If you are pursuing a minor, turn in the proper paperwork

If you know you want to pursue and earn a minor, please contact that department to discuss the process for turning in paperwork for that specific minor. It is better to turn in paperwork and not complete a minor than to complete a minor and never have paperwork on file. If you are in the process of pursuing a minor, then paperwork needs to be on file.

Contact information for each minor

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