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Mustang Success Center

Building 52, Room D37 (805) 756-6211

student successFirst Year Success Program

OUR COMMITMENT TO STUDENTS: The Cal Poly community is dedicated to helping students succeed in academics as well as support their emotional and behavioral wellness. The First Year Success Program (FSP) is just one aspect of what we hope will be a proactive and committed journey to overall success and happiness as a Mustang and member of the San Luis Obispo community. Our most important message is that FSP is in place to motivate and encourage students, not to punish them.  Students will be working with an academic coach whose sole goal is to see students succeed at Cal Poly and help them find their way in college. Yes, part of moving forward begins by reflecting on what may have gone astray, but the majority of our efforts will focus on students’ futures and how they can always put their best self forward.

How the First Year Success Program works:


Students who are on Academic Probation for the first time after fall or winter quarter will be enrolled in the First Year Success Program PolyLearn.


Within this PolyLearn, students must complete the "Understanding Academic Probation Policy at Cal Poly" quiz and survey that are specific to their college in order to be placed in an FSP workshop. After completing the quiz and the survey, students will be placed in an FSP workshop based on their availability. Students will be informed as to the date and time of their workshop within a timely manner.


During the beginning of the quarter, students will attend a 2 hour mandatory FSP workshop and will consist of two main parts.

  1. The large session where we will talk about student success strategies and what has worked for previous students as well as explore some of the resources that are available to Cal Poly students.
  2. The small groups where students will be placed in groups and be assigned an academic coach. This coach will lead goal-setting exercises and group discussions. After the FSP Workshop, students will have more self-awareness, campus knowledge, and tangible tools to apply towards their Cal Poly career.


Coaches invite their students to meet during the fifth week of classes to follow up on quarter goals and action steps, and complete a program assessment. Once students complete the assessment, they will have fulfilled their requirement for the First Year Success Program!


Learn more about the Program Background

How Faculty or Staff can become an Academic Coach

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