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Cal Poly Scholars

As a Cal Poly Scholar, you are assigned an Academic Advisor through the Mustang Success Center. The Mustang Success Center provides a proactive and intentional approach to support year 1 and year 2 Cal Poly Scholars through their transition and integration into Cal Poly. The Mustang Success Center goals are to support and assist you with any questions you might have including identifying resources on campus suited to your personal needs, class schedule planning, and study skills development. Our Academic Advisors can also help you navigate and understand your degree requirements, curriculum, and Cal Poly policies. Connect with your assigned advisor based on the major you declared entering Cal Poly!

For more information about the Cal Poly Scholars program, please visit the Cal Poly Scholars website.

Find your college, then use the first letter of your last name to find your advisor.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES)

YEAR 1 (2022)

A-Lua please contact Austin Joseph Ferguson

Lucas-Z please contact Katie Escalera


YEAR 2 (2021)

All students contact Austin Joseph Ferguson

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED)

Year 1 (2022)

A-M please contact Carly Head

N-Re please contact Kara Hitchcock

Ro-U please contact Shannon Stephens

V-Z please contact Katie Escalera


Year 2 (2021)

All students please contact Carly Head

College of Engineering (CENG)

YEAR 1 (2022)

A-Dinh please contact Dawin Whiten

Duarte-Guzman please contact Alicia Cruz

H-Naj please contact Alondra Catalan Vargas

Nan-Tan please contact Jaclyn Banaga

To-Z please contact Christina Wolfe-Chandler


YEAR 2 (2021)

A-O last names please contact Dawin Whiten

P-Z last names please contact Alicia Cruz


College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Year 1 (2022)

A-Del please contact Rebecca Richards

Dem-Z please contact Lindsay Lacey


Year 2 (2021)

All students contact Dawin Whiten

College of Science and Math (CSM)

Year 1 (2022)

A-N please contact assigned advisor coming soon- use drop in advising in the MSC for any questions at this time

O-Z please contact Kara Hitchcock


Year 2 (2021)

All students contact Dawin Whiten

Orfalea College of Business (OCOB)

Year 1 (2022)

A-L please contact Rebecca Richards

Mc-Z please contact Alicia Cruz


Year 2 (2021)

All students contact Alicia Cruz

Academic Resources


  • The Mustang Success Center (MSC) is here to support scholars throughout year 1 and 2 of participating in the Cal Poly Scholars program. We are a resources and support to students as one navigates course registration/block scheduling, change of major (if applicable), campus policies, and your adjustment at Cal Poly
  • Scholars can contact their assigned MSC Academic Advisor directly or meet with any other MSC advisor through our drop in advising hours every day
  • Year 2 Cal Poly Scholars can continue to access their Mustang Success Center advisor. Scholars are encouraged to build a relationship and/or access their specific college advising center throughout your time at Cal Poly. We are all here to support scholars and want to support you as you see necessary

Change of Major

If Scholars are considering changing their major, it is encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor in the Office of Financial Aid to discuss any possible changes to your financial aid package and Cal Poly Scholars award. If a scholar doesn't know who their Financial Aid Counselor is, that is not a problem. Send an email with your respective questions to ;or visit their office in Building 1, Room 212, and you will be directed to your respective Financial Aid Counselor

Per Cal Poly policy- First time freshmen are required to stay in their major for at least one quarter. There will be change of major workshops throughout the school year to learn more about this process. We encourage you to review the change of major procedure and reach out to your advisor if you have questions


Tutoring and Academic Support

  • The University Writing and Learning Center offers free consultations on any writing project for any discipline and subject, as well as individual and group tutoring services. All students are welcome.
  • Students need to create an account through the Writing and Learning Center to sign up for 1:1 tutoring support
  • Drop in tutoring is also available for Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, and Architectural Engineering
  • Supplemental workshops are 1 unit credit/no credit support classes for specific Mathematics and Science classes. Students can enroll in during the first 8 days of instruction for any given quarter (also known as the add/drop period). Students need to check if the course you are enrolled in has corresponding supplemental workshop in order to enroll
  • The Study Strategies Library has research-based information and resources for students to expand their academic skills in a variety of topics. Learning how to study is an on-going process. Different strategies may be required for different types of exams or assignments, and everyone has a unique learning style. During office hours, ask your professors how you might focus your efforts to study most effectively for their classes.
  • Exam Strategies Workshop put on by the Mustang Success Center

Summer school

  • During the middle of April/beginning of May, students will be able to start making summer school plans and deciding if they want to take classes at Cal Poly or at a community college.
  • Cal Poly does offer summer school packages to Cal Poly Scholars. This is all based on your individual financial aid package and can change yearly. Review Cal Poly Summer School Financial Aid information
  • If taking a class at a community college in California, scholars will want to first identify which classes you want to take. Advisors can help verify classes if classes will transfer to Cal Poly through Students can look for class availability through or the respective community college . Cal Poly financial aid will not cover a community college course, however, you can talk to the respective schools Financial Aid Office or Cal Poly Financial Aid Office about your options
  • If a student took a class at Cal Poly and received below a C-, it is in your best interest to repeat the class at Cal Poly for repeat and grade forgiveness policy.
  • Once you complete the course, request official transcript be sent to Cal Poly and Cal Poly will not put course into degree progress report until end of October- evaluations form and transcript process

Academic Probation

Year 1 scholars that are on academic probation after fall or winter quarter, will be required to go through the First Year Success Program, coordinated by the Mustang Success Center. You will be communicated about these expectations via your Cal Poly email at the end of each term.

Year 2 scholars on academic probation (AP) for any given term must complete an AP support requirement to ensure you have guidance to reach your academic goals. The options for satisfying this expectation will vary by college. You'll be notified after grades post each germ about how to meet the conditions of your college and the Cal Poly Scholars program.

If you need someone to speak to about your personal situation, clarifying a requirement, understanding the policy or don't know where to start, please reach out to the Mustang Success Center and we can assist you with next steps.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Advising

  • If a scholar is both part of Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) & Cal Poly Scholars programs, it is important to know the advising expectations of both programs. Typically, EOP students need to meet with their EOP Counselor once a quarter. EOP students can meet with any EOP Counselor and can make appointments through their website.
  • Students on academic probation will also need to check in with their college expectations regarding college/major expectations

Financial Resources


  • All Cal Poly students can apply for Cal Poly specific scholarships twice a year. The financial aid office will send an email to your Cal Poly email when this window of time opens up. It is typically in late September and late March.
  • It is recommended you answer the scholarship questions in a word document that you can continue to reference each cycle for scholarship applications. It is easier to update existing answers than starting from scratch each time.
  • Scholarship application can be found in your portal on the left hand side called “Cal Poly Scholarships”

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid counselors are assigned based on students last name.
    • To find out your counselors name and contact information, you can ask your MSC Advisor or email to be directed to your respective counselor
    • Being on Academic Probation does not impact your eligibility to be a Cal Poly Scholar, though depending on your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), it may impact your scholarship and other financial aid (see the Academic Achievement section for more details regarding SAP)
    • Cal Poly Scholars do not have to reapply for the Cal Poly Scholars Scholarship. However, all students need to reapply for your FAFSA each year between October-March. Review Financial Aid website with all FAFSA related information

Basic needs

  • Cal Poly’s Basic Needs Initiative seeks to ensure that all students have access to the resources needed to focus on education and success at Cal Poly. The Basic Needs Initiative is committed to fostering an equitable environment that honors the wellbeing of the Cal Poly community through intentionality and innovation.
  • The Cal Poly Food pantry is available to all students. We encourage students to utilize this resource if needed.

Cal Poly Cares

  • Cal Poly Cares provides limited financial assistance to currently enrolled Cal Poly students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of temporary hardship related to an unexpected situation. The grant is designated to offset a short-term financial need and is not intended to replace or supplement financial aid. Therefore, long-term needs can be addressed by meeting with a Financial Aid Counselor to determine available options. Funds are awarded as a grant, and unlike a loan, do not need to be repaid.

Campus Resources

Career Services

  • Great resource for all Cal Poly students. Explore the Career Services website about all their resources. Cal Poly Scholars are encouraged to attend Career Services related workshops as well coordinated through the Cal Poly Scholars program. Year 2 scholars are encouraged to participate in intentional programming to be career ready during year 2

Disability Resource Center

  • The Disability Resource Center (DRC) cultivates an accessible and inclusive community where students with permanent and temporary disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of campus life. We facilitate student learning and access through partnerships with students, faculty, and staff.
    • Explore their website to see how they can support you for your specific needs
    • Possible accommodations can be reviewed on the DRC website

Campus health and Wellbeing

Student Diversity and Belonging

Student Diversity and Belonging is a collective of campus resource centers that support and empower students experiencing marginalization, through intersectional advocacy and cultural connections to build a more just and equitable Cal Poly community. Student Diversity & Belonging is comprised of the following campus community centers organized into two cluster areas:

Gender & Sexuality

Race & Ethnicity

Cal Poly Scholars Office

The Cal Poly Scholars Office coordinates all aspects of the Cal Poly Scholar program. The Mustang Success Center is a campus partner with this office. If students have questions about the following, they are are strongly encouraged to work with the Cal Poly Scholars office:



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