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Mustang Success Center

Building 52, Room D37 (805) 756-6211

Cal Poly Scholars

CP scholars 2017

Overview of the Peer Mentoring Program:

The purpose of this program is to provide additional advising support for our scholars by hiring second year Cal Poly Scholars as peer mentors. Each peer mentor will be responsible for meeting with five CP Scholars individually 3 times a quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring). The peer mentor meetings will consist of; updates on current classes, their transition to college, life as a CP Scholar, and campus resources. The Mustang Success center along with the CP Scholar’s program, is committed to providing a life changing experience for our first year CP Scholars!

Benefits of Being a Mentor:

  • Great experience for a resume and fulfills required leadership hours for CP Scholars
  • Mentors are paid $12.50 an hour
  • Develop and enhance professional advising skills (building rapport, communication, flexibility, collaboration, and utilizing resources)


  • Meet with first-year CP Scholars at least three times each quarter
  • Must be a sophomore starting Fall 2017
  • Attend a mandatory training session before the start of fall quarter
  • Submit meeting reports within 24 hours of each meeting
  • Attend monthly staff meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with supervisor

Mentors are expected to:

  • Maintain confidentiality and not publicly disclose any information regarding a scholar
  • Maintain a professional relationship with the first year scholars

Learning Outcomes:

  • First-Year CP scholars will be able to develop positive relationships with their peers, staff, or faculty by the end of their freshman year
  • First-Year CP Scholars will be able to identify at least three campus resources (Academic or Social) by the end of their freshman year


Mardel Baldwin Jr.

Contact Information:

Dawin Whiten

  • (805)756.5979
  • 52-D43

CliftonStrengths: Responsibility. Empathy. Developer. Adaptability. Strategic

For more information on the CP Scholar’s program click here.

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